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Toon Makers ("Saban") Sailor Moon

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Believe it or not, these are likely some of the rarest, and most... well... *unusual* cels I own. These are from the Toon Makers pilot for a half live-action, half-animation American adaptation of Sailor Moon. In 1994 the head honchos were trying to decide if they wanted to dub the original Japanese series or make a whole new series. They went with the dub because it cost less, so only the pilot episode and a music video were made. Only the music video has surfaced, the public has never seen the pilot. Yet. Because it looks like something Saban could have made, it is commonly referred to as "Saban Moon" even though they were not involved.

 Sailor Mercury Full-Body

 Moon's Feet

 Jupiter Pan 1

 Group Walk 1

 Sailor Moon 2

 Sailor Moon 1
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Gallery Created: 8/19/2011
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